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 Support (Frequently Asked Questions)
Listed below are common solutions to using the Arbiter. Please feel free to contact us anytime for more assistance. We will be happy to walk you through any situation you may have.
How soon can I sign in after purchasing
You should receive sign in instructions by email shortly after your database has been uploaded to the site. Use these instructions to sign in as the admin in your database. Please contact ABT if have not received your sign in instructions.
How do I get started using
Initially, the primary admin is the only account capable of signing in. This enables him/her to finish setting up the database and set permissions for other users. We suggest completing the following the first time you sign in:
  • Verify your officials, contacts, bill-tos, sites, teams, etc. for correctness.
  • Set permissions for your "web users" (officials and contacts with email addresses).
  • Post a welcome announcement instructing your web users what they should do next. For example, you may have them update their personal information and set their blocks.
  • Send sign-in instructions to your web users. This sends an email message similar to the one you received after your database was uploaded.
Why can't my officials see their assignments?
By default, all assignments are marked as "pending". This allows the primary admins to verify correctness and make changes before the officials sign in and accept their games. When you're ready for officials to sign in, select "publish games" from the games screen. This marks all games in the current filter as "published".
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