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Get your game on.

Designed for school athletic departments, ArbiterGame gives athletic directors that competitive edge when managing their school athletics program.  From arranging the first pre-season practice to paying officials after the season finale, ArbiterGame is designed to help you finish strong every time.

Play to Win

With ArbiterGame, you can schedule games, manage teams, create rosters, arrange transportation, change venues and times, send important notifications, review officiating crews, pay officials and other game staff electronically, and easily track the entire process online from start to finish.

Stay Ahead of the Game with Accurate Scheduling

Schedule all aspects of your game. Anticipate and prevent scheduling conflicts, changes, cancellations and other surprises by:

  • Managing a working schedule that is private until you mark it public, at which time it is published to parents, students and fans.
  • Sending out automated game schedule reminders, game change notifications and other critical alerts.
  • Entering each event once and letting the system transmit the game details and updates to opposing teams, assigners, facilities managers, state offices, media, parents, players and more.
  • Viewing key game information, including officials, transportation arrangements, facility availability and more, from a single screen.

See Your Games Up Close

Track the status of each game easily without missing a shot. With ArbiterGame, you can:

  • View the master list of all games and filter it by sport, team, date range, and more.
  •  Easily check status of essential to-dos with color-coded symbols that appear next to each action requiring follow up, such as:
  • Has the game contract been accepted? 
  • Have officials been assigned?
  • Is transportation confirmed?
  • Identify missing actions for upcoming games so you can stay on schedule

Handle Logistics Like a Pro

When it comes to scheduling facilities and transportation, ArbiterGame is on your team.

  • Facilities information integrates with host assignment information on your website.
  • Check facility availability, submit usage requests and specify start and end times.
  • Enter transportation information including: school release time, departure time, return time, type/number of transportation, drop only/drop-wait/shuttle, and more.
  • Send email notifications automatically to your transportation director.
  • Integrates seamlessly with FSDirect™ from SchoolDude.

Make Friends with your Assigners and Officials

ArbiterGame integrates with ArbiterOne, the sports official assigning system used to assign over 70% of the country’s high school games. When used together, you can:

  •  Assign your own officials electronically
  •  Have your games and updates sent automatically to your assigners
  •  View the status of assignments directly from your game record in real-time
  •  Pay officials electronically with just a few clicks


ArbiterGame is affordably priced so that all schools can use it, even those on tight budgets.  Sold as an annual license, pricing is based on whether the school is a high school or middle school.  Call us today at 800-576-2799 for pricing.

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