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ArbiterSports pioneered the use of sports official assigning software in 1984 and has been the industry leader ever since. The ArbiterSports Assigning System provides online access to real-time game information for assigners, officials, leagues and teams.
The ArbiterSports Training Suite provides leagues and associations with effective training and educational tools that are readily accessible to their officials, overcoming the challenges of time and distance. Features such as training videos, educational content, a searchable rules database, online testing – and more – empower management to ensure their officials are prepared for game day.
ArbiterSports RefPay is the easiest and most reliable way to pay sports officials, allowing leagues or athletic departments to electronically pay officials assigned through the ArbiterSports Assigning System. A broad spectrum of groups ranging from elite college conferences to local recreation departments use ArbiterSports RefPay to send millions of dollars in officiating payments every month.
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