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 ArbiterSports Training
The ArbiterSports Training Suite provides leagues and associations with effective training and educational tools that are readily accessible to their officials, overcoming the challenges of time and distance. Features such as training videos, educational content, a searchable rules database, online testing – and more – empower management to ensure their officials are prepared for game day.

The ArbiterSports Training Suite product line includes:

  • Central Group Hub – a platform to communicate with officials and to distribute announcements, news items, rule interpretations, and association documents and files to ensure consistent and uniform messaging across the organization
  • Online Video Editing, Video Streaming and Video Library – tools for groups to produce and distribute training videos and play clips to officials, including the ability to track viewers and to make particular videos mandatory
  • Testing and Quizzes – powerful reporting and monitoring platform allows groups to administer tests to their officials, with customizable settings that allow groups to tailor the testing framework to match the group’s testing philosophy
  • Searchable Rules Database – allows officials to search their rule books online, seeing all references to particular issues, and links from the rule to video examples

These products will be in limited-release – being used initially by NCAA football, basketball, baseball, soccer and softball – until late 2009. The general release date will be announced by October 15.

For additional information, please contact our sales office at 800-576-2799, or email

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