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Officials Agreement

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As part of becoming an NCLRA Certified Lacrosse Official, it is your obligation to understand and comply with the following association guideline. Withholding your agreement to abide by these guidelines will prevent you from becoming an NCLRA Certified Lacrosse Official.

1.     I understand the NCLRA is a non-profit corporation. (Tax ID numbers available upon request.)

2.   I understand that my working relationship with NCLRA is that of an independent contractor. I am not an employee of NCLRA. I authorize NCLRA to provide necessary tax related information to the IRS or appropriate lacrosse organizations for which my services have been provided.

3.   I understand that in the course of game assignments, I will be working with minors.

4.   I understand that by submitting this registration form there is no game assignment guarantee, either by number, type, location, or level. It is also my understanding as an independent contractor that I may choose to accept or decline officiating opportunities per the Arbiter guidelines set forth by the NCLRA Head Assignor.

5.   I understand that due to the unique assignments of officials to lacrosse contests that all officials must be responsive to the NCLRA assigner and or its representatives.

6.   As an independent contractor, it is my responsibility to make full disclosure regarding any affiliation or conflict I may with teams I may be assigned to officiate. (e.g. relatives on the teams, former player or coach, board member, etc.)

7.   I agree to complete the training requirements as defined by NCLRA prior to receiving any game assignments.

8.   I understand that the NCLRA requires me to maintain a current membership in US Lacrosse as an official and the cost of this annual membership is not included in the NCLRA Dues or registration fees.

9.   I understand I am obligated to provide and maintain a reliable telephone number, email address, and update online user presence with the game assignment system in order to facilitate the assignment and overall management of officiating lacrosse games by the Head Assignor and Assistant Assignors.

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