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2020 Member Terms

I understand that by completing the application for membership:

  1. In accepting game assignments from Marietta Umpire Association (MUA), I am acting as an Independent Contractor and there is NO GUARANTEE of any game assignments.  I understand that I am not an employee of MUA or GHSA.
  2. Furthermore, as an Independent Contractor, if I earn more than $600.00 in fees for the calendar year, Marietta Umpires Association will issue me a 1099-MISC for the purpose of reporting said earnings.  Marietta Umpires Association will NOT deduct or withhold any taxes, FICA, or other deductions.  MUA will not provide any fringe benefits, such as, but not limited to, unemployment insurance, medical insurance or pension plans.
  3. I agree to adhere to any and all NFHS rule regulations, GHSA By-Laws, GHSA Policies & Procedures (located on the GHSA Website), MUA By-Laws and the guidelines set forth in the MUA Policies & Procedures.
  4. If I am arrested or charged with any criminal charge greater than a fine only traffic violation, I must report that event to the Marietta Umpire Association President or the Marietta Umpires Association Booking Secretary within 72 hours of the arrest or conviction.  I further understand that I may be suspended pending disposition of the charge.
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