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2017 G8N1

         Welcome to the 2017 Grade 8 Entry Level Registration

      This registration is only for persons 17 years old or younger and you have NEVER been a USSF Referee before.


To the left of this page there are a series of steps that will need to be completed.

Completed steps are marked by green checks.


There are TWO sections in this registration. Both sections must be completed to successfully register.

Section 1- Grade Specific

(When you click the stage 2 button on the last step of the first section it will direct you to the second)

Section 2- Informational and Custom Fields


Before beginning these steps, please be sure that you have a few requirements met.


 You must be at least 14 years old (or will be within 90 days or less)

This is a North Carolina Labor Law

You must have a valid email address which only you use.

This email cannot be shared with another individual

You have a valid Debit or VISA/MasterCard Credit Card with an expiration date and CID # (the security number on the back of the card)

It is recommended that you DO NOT use prepaid cards to pay

A Social Security Number (This number is required for background checks and payments)

You must complete the Grade 8 online course

Grade 8 Referee’s are 14-17 years of age

You must pass the Grade 8 Test

For the Online Course material, please use only a laptop or desktop computer

Do not use a tablet or mobile device.


Please note:

Referee Registration occurs during a fiscal year August - May.

Completion of the Entry Level Registration qualifies you to referee the remaining months of 2016 and the full calendar year of 2017.

All Referees are required to recertify during the next fiscal year to ensure they may referee in the next calendar year of 2018.

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