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State Grade Assessment 1

This registration will allow state referees and candidates for state referee grade to register and pay for a required state grade assessment.  For 2018 registration and beyond this requirement will be in effect.  There are two required assessments.  The cost for each assessment is $80 which will be paid in this registration.  (Registrations for each assessment are separate so referees csan pay only for one assessment until they have achieved that goal.  If more than two assessments are needed due to a failing performance the referee will be required to pay an additional $80 for each additional assessment.  Games not considered a sufficient test will not count against this referee assessment cost). BEFORE being assessed you must have completed this registration.

As registration years overlap for assessment counting purposes make sure this registration is for the year you wish to have the assessment credited against.  I.e. if you are planning on using this for a 2019 counting assessment make sure the registration title says 2019 State Grade Assessment.

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