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Out of State Referee Registration

This registration process is for Referee’s that are not registered and do not live in North Carolina but intend to referee inside the state of North Carolina.

This is NOT for person’s that live or have registered in North Carolina.

Please note that you must be registered with another state before completing this registration.
In addition, proof must be provided by the US Soccer National Database or your State Referee Administrator (SRA) that you are registered within another state and are in good standing.

Before proceeding, please make sure you meet the following criteria and have the required items.


Requirements to referee in the state of North Carolina

Those requirements are:

1) You must be 14 years old. (The North Carolina labor laws do not allow anyone underage to referee.)

2) You must have a valid unique email address which only you use.

This email cannot be a shared email with a family member.

If you do not presently have email you can obtain one from Google's gmail free of charge here:

3) A valid VISA or Mastercard Credit Card with an expiration date and CID # (the security number on the back of the card).

This card will be charged a registration fee of $35.00

This is a once a year charge.

NCYSA requires a background check on all officials which incurs an expense, as does maintaining the record in Arbiter which is the reason for the $35 charge.

4) A professional photograph of your face to upload to your profile.

5) Complete all steps in this registration and pay the fee using a credit card.

6) Complete the Background Check Consent

Eligibility Requirements
Completion of the Out Of State Registration will enter you into the system for assignment. On your profile under your photograph, you will receive an eligibility icon that says you have complete the Out Of State Registration. This icon is how assignors will know that you are ready to receive assignments.

Once your registration status has been verified by the NCSRA State Office, you will be marked active to referee in North Carolina.
This means you will receive all tournament invitations automatically as well as all announcements, clinic and training opportunities in NC.

NCSRA Policies and Procedures
All other information regarding contacts, policies and procedures of the North Carolina Soccer Referee Association can be found on the USSF NC Central Hub.

Registration Support
Having problems? Let our support team assist you.


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