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2022 USSF-2

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Entry Level Referee's:

All Entry Level Referee's will NOT have USSF ID Number. You will receive a USSF ID Number after US Soccer processes your records.

Recertifying Referee's:

Please ensure that your USSF ID Number is displayed below.

Your number should resemble the example below with hashes


2022 Referee Grade:
For 2020 and later US Soccer has changed the referee license nomenclature.  A referee will either be a Grassroots Referee, formerly either Grade 7, 8, or 9 or a Regional Referee, formerly a State Referee, either grade 5 or 6. 

If you are presently under 18, select GR8

If you are 18 or older and are not registered for 2021 as a Regional Referee, Select GR7

If you are currenlty a Regional Referee, and you intend to become a Regional Referee for 2022, select RR

If you are an NC State Referee (formerly Grade 7A or other Advanced Level Referee) for 2022 select GRRRC. (This applies whether or not you are an upgrade candidate for Regional Referee)

If you are an Emeritus National Referee you can select GRNRE

If you are an Emeritus State Referee you can select GRSRE.

Notify NCSRA of Needed Record Correction


2022 RegYrR:

Please make sure the 2022 Registration field below has the value of 2022 in it.

The COUNTY field is to be the COUNTY in which you currently live (NOT COUNTRY).  So for example if your permanent home address is in Asheville but you attend college in Chapel Hill then you would put Orange County  (Chapel Hill's County) as your county of residence.

State Assoc:

This should be NC.

If you are 18 or older or will be by 1-1-2022 please click the drop down box and enter "Yes 2022".  If you are under 18 and will be as of 1-1-2022 click the drop own box and choose "No 2022".

* Indicates required information.
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