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2022 RN 1

   Welcome to the 2022 NCSRA US Soccer Referee Registration.

To the left of this page there are a series of steps that will need to be completed. Completed steps are marked by green checks. Once you complete the NCSRA registration the finish button will direct you back to the Central Hub.  Completing the registration will allow you access to the Referee Course appropriate for your status (new referee, recert referee, recert Regional Referee or Regional Referee Candidate) found under the Eligibility Tab and Clinics sub-tab on the USSF-NC Central Hub in Arbiter.  You will need to complete the training course requirements to become a certified US Soccer Referee for 2022.  This registration is the first step. There is also an additional on field training session required of all new referees (currently being conducted by webinar during COVID19 situation).  This is not required for recertifying referees. These sessions will be scheduled through your NCSRA Arbiter account and can be found listed in the master game schedule. 


All sections in this registration must be completed to successfully register.

Before beginning these steps, please be sure that you have or will have the following requirements met.


You must be at least 14 years old (or will be within 90 days of today's date)

You must have a valid Debit or VISA/MasterCard Credit Card with an expiration date and CID # (the security number on the back of the card)

It is recommended that you DO NOT use prepaid cards to pay

A Social Security Number (This number is required for background checks and payments)

Be able to pass a backgound check and consent to the same. (Background checks are only run on those 18 and older but everyone needs to complete the consent and risk management questions)

If you meet or can meet these requirements, begin by clicking the next button to proceed to payment and beyond.

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