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This is a short registration process to restore an Arbiter account in USSF-NC which has been deactivated from a failure to recertify or other cause.  This process can also be used by officials from out of state to register for certain upper levels clinics for which registration is restricted to members of the USSF-NC Arbiter group.This registration process will reopen your previous access or open a new access BUT it will not restore you to active referee status in the USSF-NC group.  You must still complete the regular recertification process.  What this does is puts you back in so you can access the recert process or other clinics and events which are open only to referees already in the system.


There is a $15 non refundable administrative charge which must be paid via credit card through this process.


Once you have completed the process you will be able to login to the USSF-NC Arbiter account but your record will not be active for assignment purposes until all other requirements have been met.

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