USSF North Carolina

2021 USYS South Region Championships NC Referee Delegation

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Pictured below are the Referees and Ref Coaches who represented NC at the USYS 2021 South Region Championships in Greenville SC June 17-24, 2021. From left to right starting at the rear are: Ernie Fisher, SDA NRC, Paul James, SRA Ref Coach, Matt Smith, John Bouda, Ref Coach, Michael Angell, Bryson Condrey, Robert Leonard, Ken George, NRC. Front Row: Richard Wells, William Ordonas-Rojas, Derek Guerrier, Cliff Clement, SAC Ref Coach, Marcus Moss, Aaron Riley, James Scott, Carmen Serbio, Hugo Loredo, Connor Fraley










The officials in the picture below were selected as being in the top 20 referees and assistant referees for the Tournament.  From left to right (or bottom up) they are: Richard Wells Assistant Referee, Carmen Serbio Referee, Aaron Riley Referee, Derek Guerrier Assistant Referee

The officials in the picture below were selected to represent the South Region at the USYS National Finals in Bradenton FL. From left to right (or bottom to top)  they are:

Richard Wells, Assistant Referee, Gabriel Rivera, Referee

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