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Return to Play 9-12-2020

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Return to play for NCYSA matches has been approved to begin Saturday September 12, 2020. NCSRA has posted guidelines for COVID19 considerations.



Referees are not required to accept any assignment and may elect not to officiate during the period of the pandemic without repercussions.  Referees who choose to officiate do so knowingly accepting the risks associated with the COVID19 pandemic.

The playing associations, as well as NCSRA, have put in place guidelines for best practices.  Referees, players, coaches, and spectators are expected to adhere to these guidelines. HOWEVER, referees are not the enforcement authority for guidelines. Referees should monitor compliance with the guidelines in any match for which they officiate and if substantial non-compliance is observed, referees are fully authorized and encouraged to suspend the match until conformance with the guidelines is satisfactory, and if this cannot be achieved in a reasonable time period, to terminate the match and file a report.

Download the NCSRA COVID19 Guidelines by clicking the link below

NCSRA COVID19 Guidelines

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