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NCSRA Drone Procedures

NCSRA Drone Procedures

Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Referee Management of the Use of Drones:


The use of unmanned aircraft is PROHIBITED at any activity or event of North Carolina Youth Soccer to include all areas with youth soccer players, spectators and over any field of play or practice. It is the responsibility of the Competition Authority and/or Designated Authority of North Carolina Youth Soccer events to ensure that this policy is strictly enforced.

Link to NCYSA policy


Referee Procedure:


Immediately stop the match and remove players and referee crew from the field.

Inform the teams coaching staff using the drone that it is their responsibility to remove it from the area before the game can safely restart.

If it is being operated by a parent or other spectator, it is still the responsibility of that teams coach to end its use.

If being used by any “other” entity, use the field marshal or local authority to manage the situation.

DO NOT start or restart a match with a drone in operation. If the situation persists simply terminate the match and prepare a written report.


Termination of the Match

Termination of the match is the last and least desired option. Please use common sense and sound judgment ensuring that all parties have exhausted all avenues for resolution.

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