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NCYSA Club Pass Player Information
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The “Club Pass Roster” will be used by teams that are playing a “Club Pass Player(s)” in that game only. If not using a club pass player the roster will be the standard NCYSA roster.

The roster will state “Club Pass Roster” each player playing under this rule will have an approved “Club Pass ID Card” and will be listed in the “NC YOUTH SOCCER APPROVED CLUB PASS PLAYERS” section at the bottom of the roster. All primary players of that team will be listed in the top section of the roster.

Check the club player(s) ID pass and club pass roster section to ensure they match. All other players’ passes in the top section will be check against the roster as normal.

Below is some additional information to ensure understanding:

The Club Pass ID Card will ONLY be used when a player is participating with a team other than his/her primary team.

The Club Pass option is available for Challenge and Classic Level play/players.

U11-U18 players are eligible for participation.

Maximum Club Pass Players allowed per match:

·       U11-U12       TWO (2)

·       U13-U18       FOUR (4)


A team using a Club Pass Player will use an official NCYSA Club Pass Roster. The match roster will include blank lines for the addition of Club Pass Players. The name of the Club Pass player will be hand written in.If the match roster has more than the maximum number of players allowed for the age group after the addition of Club Pass Players, the appropriate number of players must be “marked out”, reducing the number of eligible players on the roster to the maximum allowed number of players  for the match.

This applies to all ages. The name of the Club Pass player will be hand written in.


·       U11 – U12         Max Roster Size                14            Max of 14 players can play in Match

·       U13 – U15         Max Roster Size                18            Max of 18 players can play in Match

·       U16 – U18         Max Roster Size                22            ONLY 18 can dress and play in Match


All players present for the match but not on the match roster must be in dress clothes and on the sideline with spectators

Club Pass Player YouTube Video


Sample Club Passes For Classic and Challenge

Sample Roster U11 - U12

Sample Roster U13 - U18

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