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NCYSA Sent Off Procedure
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Effective immediately the new procedure for handling a player, substitute or substituted player who has been sent off in all NCYSA games:

Players will remove (with obvious discretion) their jersey and remain on the team bench and will be the responsibility of the coach/team. While on the bench, should the player's conduct warrant it, the referee can then have the player removed from the vicinity of the field of play and the technical area. Once removed from the technical area the player must be with a Risk Managed team official (team manager, asst. coach, team official). If there is not one available, then with the player’s parent or, if necessary, any team parent. 

This is solely the responsibility of the player’s team official(s).  


At all times the referee's paramount duty is to control the game and insure the safety of the players. If in the judgment of the referee having the sent off player on the bench creates a situation that is unsafe with high potential of continued conflicts (player sent off for violent conduct, fighting, racial slurs) then that player must leave the vicinity of the pitch and the technical area. Failure to do so under these circumstances the referee has the authority to abandon the match.


With this new procedure, we would like to re-iterate the NCYSA Policies which can be found below by clicking the link:

NCYSA Policy and Procedures

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