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NCYSA Substitution Rules

Monday, July 1, 2019

See the 2020 Substitution guidline update in red below

Substitution Guidelines:
During Classic games, players may be substituted only during certain stoppages of the game. The number of substitutions shall be unlimited unless the rules of a competition superseding the jurisdiction of this association specifically determine otherwise.

Substitutions may be made, with the approval of the referee, at the following times:

(For NCYSA League Play ONLY)

In any case, a substitute may not enter the middle of field of play until he/she has been given a signal to do so by the referee and the player being replaced has come off the field.


New 2020 NCYSA Guidline for Substitutes Leaving the Field of Play.

The substitution law has been adjusted to require players being subbed to leave the field at the nearest point, UNLESS OTHERWISE DIRECTED BY THE REFEREE. 

For all NCYSA matches NCSRA is directing the referees to direct players being replaced by an incoming substitute to leave the field on the bench side of the field close to the halfway line or their own bench area, unless for medical treatment or other cause it makes more sense in the referee’s discretion to have the player leave the field from some other point.

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