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NCYSA Updated Match Reports

NCYSA Updated Match Reports

Monday, September 03, 2018
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NCYSA League play matches have moved to an updated, printable, pre-filled version of their Classic League Match Reports which are given to you by the home team before each league game.

You will not receive a tri-carbon match report.

The visiting team has the option to bring a “2nd” report as well to be completed for their records if they choose. Teams have the option to photograph the report with their mobile phones for their needs.


Completing the Report:

Post-game, Referees will fill out the match report and both team contacts will sign the report. 

Note: If the match was competitive and the referee crew feel uncomfortable retrieving signatures, it is suggested they do not get them. In these particular situations from the team they may have issues with.

Once signed the Referee retains the copy of the report.

Go to the Soccer In College Website

Scroll over to TEAMS/SCHEDULES in the menu bar

Click on Rcrd Rslt Ref Only

Use the Match Report Number and information to complete it within Soccer in College.

Match reports are required to be completed Referee within a 48 hr window of the end of the match.


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