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Ordering Additional Badges
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Ordering Additional Referee Badges

Referee’s that have completed registration can order additional badges from the US Soccer Office.

Entry Level Referee's will not have a USSF ID Number until US Soccer has processed your records.

Amount for each badge:

  • $3.50 + shipping, handling & taxes

Total badges that can be ordered:

  • 2 badges for each certified referee

What is needed:

  • Your personal USSF Identification Number 0000-0000-0000-0000 (It can be found on your USSF ID Card) This number can also be found on your Arbitersports Profile. It will be listed under your custom fields.
  • Your password to log in

Once logged in you will be able to purchase a badge that pertains to your current registration grade.

Click the link below to purchase.



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