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Player Pass/Roster Policy

In order to eliminate situations where teams have to forfeit matches due to not having their physical playing passes and/or roster on site at the field, the Executive Board has approved (4-2-19) use of a “picture” of the physical pass and/or roster FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY.
As we continue to work toward our goal of digital passes, we hope this will help teams who are put into a situation without their physical passes/roster at a field.
NOTE: This method is to be used as an EMERGENCY option ONLY. If we learn teams are utilizing this “picture” method in lieu of their physical passes/roster regularly, this could result in potential sanctions and/or loss of ability to use the “picture” emergency option moving forward.
It is recommended that teams have their physical paper roster at the field. In the event “picture” emergency options are needed for both rosters and passes, teams must confirm they provide a “picture” of their CURRENT roster.
Team admins (manager/coach) are instructed to take a photo of each player’s physical pass to have in case of emergency. It is also important to note, if used, the player utilizing the “picture” pass must be listed on the team roster for that team.
A picture of the “most current roster” should be taken on or right before gameday to insure the most accurate/approved roster is being used if needed in this emergency situation.
Referees will still cross-check that all players have met both requirements or they will not be allowed to participate.
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