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US Soccer Concussion Initiative
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US Soccer Concussion Initiative

Recently, the USSF Referee Department sent out a notice stating USSF had implemented a mandatory policy regarding no heading for 11 and under players and limited heading for 12 and 13.


Here is the information from USSF.

Eliminating heading for children 10 and under.

Please note that 11U is listed in the U.S. Soccer Concussion Initiative document because 11U players can be 10 years old at the beginning of the season

Limiting the amount of heading in practice for children between the ages of 11 and 13 to 30 minutes per week with no more than 15-20 headers per player, per week.

Please note that 12U and 13U are listed in the U.S. Soccer Concussion Initiative document to account for players who are 11, 12 and 13 years of age participating on those teams.

The statement from the USSF Referee department is incorrect. In a review of the USSF safety initiatives, this is found regarding mandatory “no heading”


These are recommendations for youth members because some of the youth members joining in the initiative do not have direct authority at the local level to require the adaption of the rules. Although these are only recommendations, they are based on the advice of the U.S. Soccer medical committee, and therefore U.S. Soccer strongly urges that they be followed.
Below is a link to the Safety Initiative. Please review the yellow highlighted sections.


Safety Initiative


Any questions, please contact Paul James, SRA or Ken George, SRC Chair.

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