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NCYSA Policy and Procedures

NCYSA Policy and Procedures

Wednesday, April 15, 2020
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Current NCYSA Policies can be found here:

New Player Pass/Roster Policy

Using photos of passes and rosters

New Substituion Guidelines

New Substitution Procedures

New Guidelines for Drones

Procedures for dealing with Airal Drones

New Jersey Guidelines for League Play

What jersey colors teams are required to wear.

US Soccer Concussion Initiative

NCSRA Referee's must recognize this policy

Concussion Management

Pocket Guide to concussions

Sent Off Procedure

All NCSRA Referee's MUST follow this Protocol when sending a player off.

Club Pass Players

How to recognize Club Pass Players and Rosters

Lightning Policy

All NCSRA Referee's MUST follow this Protocol

Re-enforcing Foul Language

All NCSRA Referee's are directed to enforce this directive

Current Referee Fees (4-22-15)

The current Referee Fee Schedule

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