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Chicagoland high school and college basketball officiating assigning is done on line, using the Arbiter system. charges for the use of their system on a per-official basis, and these costs are being passed along to the working official.

If you wish to officiate basketball games for any of the of coalition of assigners who use our Arbiter system, you must pay an annual fee to become Active on the Arbiter. While the payment of this necessary small fee does not guarantee you any games from any particular assigner, it does offer you the opportunity to have your name available to a consortium of assigners from all over Chicagoland.

Here are the 2 steps involved in order to become/remain part of our system:

1) If you are going to be working high school basketball in our system, you need to be licensed in basketball by the Illinois High School Association. If you are not licensed IN BASKETBALL by the IHSA FOR 2018-19, STOP NOW, complete that process, then return here. Not doing this will seriously delay the apporoval of your Arbiter application.

Once you are licensed by the IHSA (or if you will be officiating only college Men's or Women's basketball for Harry Bohn or Wes Fritz or LaMar Simpson or Andrew Williams), you should.... 

2) Continue the Arbiter Registration Process on this site, including the payment of your Annual Arbiter Access Fee. (If, for any reason, your credit card is rejected or your check is returned, there will be an extra fee of $25 that you will need to pay before you can become activated, and there will be a major delay in the process. Please be sure your credit card is active and that your check won't bounce.)

Upon completion of this process, you will then be entered into the Arbiter system for basketball as Inactive. Meanwhile, the assigners will verify your IHSA license, if applicable, check to see that you have followed all the registration instructions, see that your photo is acceptable, and will Activate your membership upon confirmation. This may take 24-48 hours, so please be patient.

Once your application is approved, you will receive a Welcome Letter from ArbiterSports with directions for logging on. Please log on as soon as you get your letter, accept the invitation and then carefully follow the Directions on the Main Page.

(Note that no other sports (softball, football, soccer, lacrosse, etc) are included in this package. Each of your other sport assigners may or may not charge a fee for access to Arbiter, and if they do, that fee will be set by the assigner.)
Your Arbiter Access Fee should probably be tax deductible, since it is a business expense for you, an independent contractor. Be sure to check with your tax preparer.

Sincere Regards,

Your Chicagoland Basketball Assigners





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