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Mert Letofsky Memorial Baseball Tourneys

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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All Umpires working the Mert Letofsky Memorial Baseball Tourneys

Thanks For working in the Mert Tourneys this year. Each coach has a copy of the same rules you have now. Over the past 25 years, yes Mert has been managing in the Big Yard for over 25 years. Seems like yesterday to his sons and the rest of the family that he roamed the coaching boxes of Aurora Cental and Gateway and some of the other sites we use as hosts.

You all have been a huge part of keeping his memory alive. We have been blessed that we have had very few ejections of kids or coaches or fans over these 25 years. I know Mert would be proud that the umpiring and players and coaches have been top notch!

If you have an issue try and remind the coach about the tourney rules of being respectful before “ you go off the deep end and dump him” as well remember you can always confine him to the bench if you need to calm him down. Ejection is not the only answer. Anyway, I trust you guys so have a great weekend

A couple of thing can you try and make your presence known to the tourney host directors that you are there at least 15 minutes before you game start time! This will keep them from being too worried you are not going to show!

We will try to keep you updated as best we can for changes and the like!

Again thanks for working and making Mert and the great game he loved so dearly, proud of all of us once again!

Mike Jerry and Dan Letofsky and family!

Now for the basic tourney rules.

2018 High school Bat rule

2 hour 15 minute time limit

All games including finals. No new inning begins after TIME LIMIT EXPIRES. The official clock time is given by the umpire at the time of the 1st pitch of the 1st inning to the official scorers for the games. Some sites will have official scorers and if not the home team and visitors books will record the official time. There are no tie games so games will be played to their completion in case of expiration of time. Please make sure umpires do not stop games with time left on the clock. For example if there is 1 minute left in the time when the 3rd out is made in the bottom of the 6th inning you should be allowed need to play the top of the 7th and so on! Please don’t stop the game even if there is little chance for a comeback by the team that is behind. Mert was a huge believer in the underdog. His teams came through the losers bracket so many times to win tourneys they should name that comeback after him! Not a bad idea “The Mert Comeback” Has a nice ring to it!

8 Run rule instead of 10 run rule applies after 5 innings.

No Protests. Settle disagreements peacefully with umpires. Umpire judgments are final.

High school rule book applies except for tourney exceptions.

Pitchers need to pitch safe numbers of innings. Each of you are responsible for the safety of your players all the time. There are no limits except when enough is enough. Mert was always a stickler to the 12 inning rule and you know it still makes sense. No more than 12 innings in 3 days is still a pretty safe guide.

A Runner for the pitchers and catchers is SUGGESTED for both unless you  do not normally run for them OR you have no healthy bodies. For this tourney Courtesy runners can be anyone even if they have been substituted for and are no longer eligible to bat or play the field!

Have a great time! Remember kids win and lose games. Remind yourself and them that arguing with the umpires and displays of unnecessary anger will not be tolerated!


Have a great weekend of baseball and make Mert proud of all of us!

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