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ASO Partners with HUDL

Monday, November 16, 2015
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Athletic Directors and Athletic Secretaries,

ASO is embarking on a new HUDL project.  We have sent the following letter to your coaches to get them to be involved with this program. Please check with your coaches and make sure that they have responded that they will participate. We truly believe that this is going to have a great effect on the quality of basketball officiating in the Denver Area.

We are also updating the list of coaches and their email addresses. I have attached a file of them. You can see if we have yours and get us them if we are missing them. Please take the time to make sure we have the accurate coaches name and email contact! Thanks to all of you who helped me today when I called.

Thanks for all your help

Mike Letofsky

ASO Director of HUDL Education Program


Dear Basketball Coaches


ASO, Aurora Sports Officials, is introducing a program that we are hoping you are interested in being an active participant. Can you please let us know you got this email and are on board to assist us by participating.


ASO has secured a HUDL account to be used by any basketball official in the Denver area. ASO will be requesting game film from all of the teams boys and girls in each of the leagues they assign.  You will be receiving an email from ASO after each of your games inviting you to share your tape with ASO HUDL account. If you are using HUDL this works super! All you have to do is go into your HUDL account and share this with ASO. If you use another system or just tape games and view them from a DVD, we would love for you to let us know this and then make a copy of this DVD. ASO will send a representative to your school to pick it up or perhaps even download it from a computer right on your site.


Either way we are going to get these game tapes up in our ASO HUDL library to assist officials in their development as officials and make games better for your teams and players.

After ASO receives the game tapes of a given date the committee ASO is putting together will contact the officials who worked the game and let them know the tape is part if the ASO library. The official  will now have a tool to self-evaluate their performance.


There is a second part of the program ASO is undertaking. The ASO committee will be selecting a number of games to observe and assess the performances of the officials who worked the game. The emphasis will be first to identify the real good things that officials are doing. The areas the observers and assessors will  be focusing on will be the correct use of mechanic, signals, the correct  positioning, the correct calling of fouls and violations and the correct non calling of fouls and violations.  The second emphasis observers and assessors will be focusing on will be the incorrect things in those same areas that might stand out as they observe and assess the game tapes.


The main  purpose must be clear that ASO is using this program to educate and assist officials in becoming the best official they can. Again the primary thing ASO  hopes will come from this program is to use it as a tool to help officials in their development as HS officials and make this game even better for coaches, teams and players. 


Your assistance with sharing your game tapes will be appreciated for sure. Can you please let us know you got this email and are on board to assist us by sharing tape with us after your games!



Hal Weizman Mike Letofsky and Sandy Sundine

ASO Directors of HUDL Education Program

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