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Denver Area 8 Officials: We Need Your Help

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Denver Area 8 Officials:

First of all, we want to THANK ALL of you for your hard work this season!  Your committment to high school basketball and the student athletes in the Denver metro area is unmatched and very much appreciated!  Thank you all for being committed to working games, and attending meetings during the season, and making basketball officiating better here in Denver.

We also need your help before the season is done!  The 4A & 5A Boy's and Girl's Final 4 and Championship games will be played at the Denver Coliseum March 9, 10, and 11.  Last year we provided a hospitality room for officials during the 3A Championships and the officials who worked that tournament were very appreciative of having that each day.  We will be providing a hospitality room again this year.  There will be 4 games each day, so plan on 12 working officials and their families each day.

We need:
1. Donations of snacks - chips, trail mix, granola bars, fruit, cookies, etc
2. Donations of water and gatorade
3. Donations of meal items - sub sandwiches, pizza, Chick-Fil-A, anything you can think of.
4. Donations of money to purchase these items
5. Donations of time at the Coliseum to assist with the hospitality room.

Please respond with how you are able to help make this a huge success again this year!  If you plan on donating any food items, you can get those to one of the area directors or make sure it is delivered to the Coliseum on the day that you want it there if it's a meal donation. The hospitality room is always a great place for working officials and other officials to hang out and talk hoops, let's all work together to make this one a great one again this year!

Once again, thanks for all that you do for the high school student athletes and basketball officiating here in the Denver metro area.  We appreciate ALL of you!

Your Area Directors,
Jeff, Rob, Donnie, and Denise


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