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Some Great Pregame Advice for All Officials

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Post Season Considerations: from Peter Webb, IAABO National Coordinator of Interpreters, with help from Don Landolphi
 Many of the comments presented should be covered in your Pre Game.
#1. Toss. The toss sets the tone for the game. If it is a poor one- call it back; if it is stolen, it is a violation. When the toss is not right a re-toss ruling is a must.
#2. Signals/Signaling. Remember you are doing high school, therefore high school signals and mechanics must be used. If you have college officials on your crew remind them of this fact. Signals are the language of the game and we all must be on the same page. Be deliberate; don't hit and run. Signal in parts--do not hurry.
·         stop the clock-hold it. Make eye contact. Drop your arm.
·         give the specific foul, violation or time out signal.
·         signal the direction of play announcing the color of the team
·         indicate the throw-in spot.
Again-only high school signals/signaling and mechanics! It can and does matter to the game (we use one hand in reporting).
#3 Ball Watching: Be disciplined to your PCA--trust your partner and only assist when a straight line may come into play. Get the play right. Upon hearing your partner's ruling, freeze your field of vision. Three seconds call matters - especially to the team that is on defense-do not cheat against them.
#4 CONTACT - Rule the first Illegal contact a foul--Do Not Rule the First Illegal Contact Legal. Offensive player using the arm bar or other uses of the arm to hold or push is Illegal. Defensive and offensive players (post players or others) bumping, backing in, backing out, holding is illegal: In three-man mechanics the center official needs to attend to this. At times, the center is the only one who can see the play well enough to make an accurate ruling.
During Free Throw Contact:
·         the second space player pushing the first space player in the back
·         the first space player backing out or pushing the second space player.
#5 Screens: Illegal movement of a screener, after setting an illegal screen, bumping an opponent. Player driving toward the basket: causing contact by bumping or jumping into the defender. Loose Ball: attention should not be focused only on the ball. Make sure players do not foul to get control of the ball. Beware of time out requests--there must be player control prior to granting the time-out. Team control still exist during a loose ball situation, therefore a team control foul is in order if a foul is committed by the controlling team. Likewise, the ten second count continues during a loose ball.
 REBOUNDING: in two man, the trail needs to help by stepping up and should not be looking to leave his partner naked. In three man, the center and trail are keys to monitoring rebound play from preparation to finish. Very often the lead is straight- lined. Seldom should the lead make rulings across the basket line (see the basket line chart in the book). Remember-overall physical play does not belong in the game. Why does it take place? It takes place to affect the opponent.
#6 TRAVELING - EASY--Locate the Pivot Foot - It is the key to ruling legal or illegal use of the pivot foot. Post player with his back to the basket cannot move pivot foot and then jump to release the ball.
The so-called Euro Step -There Is No Such Thing-It Is Either Legal or Illegal Use Of The Pivot Foot--Get it right.
#7 DRIBBLING: Dribbler dribbling in the back court, ball legally comes in touch with the opponent's leg, causing the ball to bounce away. Dribbler recovers the ball and starts a new dribble.
·         Legal or illegal?
·         Team control continue or not?
·         Back court 10 second count continue or not?
(a-legal; b-Yes c-Yes)
High Bounce with hand on top is legal.
REMEMBER --.A player may fumble-dribble-fumble but a player may not dribble-fumble-dribble
#8-GRASPING THE RING - Grasping the ring is a violation, it is a technical foul.
#9-BASKET INTERFERENCE AND GOALTENDING - it is in the book review it so you do not get it wrong.
#10-CORRECTABLE ERRORS-SEE RULE 2-10. Know them so you will not be embarrassed if it occurs -i will help-page 18 of the rules.
# 11-COACHING BOX AND BENCH CONDUCT - You are our best-do your job and attend to it. Remember there are two teams and every situation matters to both teams. Use the rules in getting it right for them.
FINALLY, I want to wish you all the best in the up-coming playoffs. You have earned it and continue to do it the IAABO WAY.

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