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BTL Basketball Update

Monday, January 21, 2013
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Hello all. We had an excellent opening day to the 2013 AYL basketball season. We had 100% coverage of the games; meaning we had two officials for each of the 22 games.  Coverage has been an issue in the past, so thank you so much to all who were scheduled to work and showed up.  We also want to thank those who came out for training. Training is a vital part of BTL and being an official.  It enables us to look and act professional, be knowledgeable, and be consistent. We have reasons for scheduling you for training.

If you are scheduled for training, first and foremost, it is not paid.  Also you should come prepared to observe and possibly get some court time, therefore you should have your uniform.  It also assists us in observing your skill level and helping you to grow and develop your skills as a basketball official.

We have a lot of officials we are looking at and will be rotating personnel to get a look at the people who will be working with us during this season.  We need to evaluate officials, as well as people's availability changes; so it requires us to have a good supply of officials to cover the schedule.  With our wide variety of officials, each one must be fit into the schedule at some point, so please do not take it personal if you are not scheduled for every Saturday.  We need to develop our pool of officials, because we want to be the quality assigner and provide quality officials.  Please when you are scheduled, come and do your best.  Study, learn, work hard and work to improve.

Now, what everyone wants to know! We are paying $20.00 per game. You will be assigned to work anywhere from 2-4 games on Saturdays. The regular season is seven weeks and will probably have one additional week of playoffs and one additional week of championships. Pay day will be every Tuesday beginning January 22nd. We will issue checks from 6-8PM at the following location:

The Carte Blanche

13740 E Quincy Avenue, Aurora CO

(Southeast corner of Quincy & S Parker Road)

We will not hold checks. If you do not pick up your check, it will be mailed by Wednesday.  If you would like to have your check mailed, please make that request in advance by emailing BTL and we will put that check in the mail as soon as checks are picked up, so you can have your check with as little delay as possible.


**If you are a new official or have never received a check from ASO, PLEASE REMEMBER to submit a W9 to ASO. This includes those who are in Arbiter under MHO and are new to ASO. NO W9, NO CHECK!!!


Thank you to all that will be working with us this basketball season. If you are or have aspirations of working baseball, please let us know. We will be working on developing our pool of umpires and working on training classes.



Stephan Brown (720)620-0843
Larry Millender  (720)365-5516

  • Accept or decline your games promptly.
  • Contact and confirm game time, location and uniform with your partner. (Click on your partners name in the assignment for a contact number)
  • BE ON TIME! Show up 30 minutes early; if you show up at game time you are LATE!
  • Be professional.
  • Always learn and work to get better.
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