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Sent: 1/22/2016 11:03:43 A.M. Mountain Standard Time
Subj: new policy regarding overtime for long meets

Denver CASO Officials,

With ASO and others moving to various forms of electronic payment of officials’ fees, the turnaround time for us to be paid for our services is much quicker than it used to be. (not as quick as cash in an envelope when we arrived at the pool, but those days are long gone J )

When you work a long meet, the crew should have a discussion before you leave the pool regarding what the fees are that the officials are due. At a minimum the meet referee, and the entire crew if need be, should contact me or the paymaster (preferably both) for the meet with the specifics of how long the session was and what you expect to be paid. This needs to be done WITHIN 24 HOURS of the completion of the meet.

The reason for this is simple. Getting the fees right before they are paid out is easy. The process of having to issue supplemental payments because the paymaster didn’t have any information is huge pain.

The CHSAA policy allows for extra pay if a session goes longer than 3 hours. It is paid in fractions of an hour at $20 per hour. In the past our group has agreed that you really need to get past 3½ hours before you seek extra session pay.


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