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Monday, May 29, 2017
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I trust that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. We had a very good service on Sunday and we saw 8-10 people saved at the Rescue Mission on Thursday night. Next Sunday Pastor Jim Carroll will bring the people from 8th Avenue Baptist to join us for the service. He will teach the adult Sunday School class and I will preach as we explore the possibility of a merger. keep us in your prayers. One of the highlights of our weekend was a surprise visit by our daughter Deborah from Illinois. She will be here for the week. Last weekend I completed my 50k run and had a number of witnessing opportunities as a result of wearing an Isaiah 40:31 verse on my shirt. Pray for Kyle Capehart who is a Master Sergeant at the Air Force Academy. He is 45 yrs. of age and has a 14 yr. old daughter and wife and has no church background. I was able to run a number of miles with him and he did allow me to pray for him as we both finished together. At the end of the race I gave him my Bible as he did not own a copy. this Saturday I will be running the Mine Shaft half marathon which has an elevation gain of 3700 ft. After we run up we will run back down. The race will start at 6am . As many of you know I am training for the Leadville trail 100 and will be running numerous ultramarathons to get ready for this race on August 19th. I will be running all of these races in some scripture t-shirts I am having made. On the front of the T-shirt it will say "the Leadville trail 100-by God's grace we will finish what we have started. On the back of these t-shirts I will have a scripture verse such as Heb 12:1 &2; or I COR 15:57; I COR 9:27; Phil 3:13 &14; or II Cor 12:9. I am asking God to enable me to finish these races and the ultimate 100 miler for his glory. I need all the prayer I can get. if you would promise to have people pray for me as these races come along I would be happy to send you a shirt if you let me know your size. God bless Pastor Richmond 

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