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Women's Officials Programs and Clinics

Women's Officials Programs and Clinics

Monday, November 23, 2015
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Fall LEAD Clinic





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The US Lacrosse Officials Education Program offers different clinics, grants and scholarship opportunities for officials at all levels.


US Lacrosse has established the LEAD (Local Enrichment And Development) Clinic Program for officials across the country.

Originally established to focus on two-person mechanics for those officials seeking additional professional growth and development opportunities, US Lacrosse has now expanded the program to three different levels.

LEAD clinics utilize regional lacrosse tournaments along with summer and fall lacrosse camps as sites for concentrated lacrosse officiating development. The philosophy behind the LEAD program is to make these clinics accessible to all lacrosse officials from around the country. This balanced representation enable officials from developing and established and established areas to polish their officiating skills under the instruction of a qualified US Lacrosse clinician.


LEAD are designed for both established and developing areas that need help in the basic recruiting, training, retaining, and rating of officials. These clinics focus primarily on the classroom training requirements for certification for both new and returning officials. There is no application for LEAD 1 clinics as they are open to all interested local officials.

City State Dates Registration Link
Omaha NE August 12-14  Register
Pensacola FL December 3 Register



LEAD Level 2 clinics are designed for 2-person mechanics and are geared toward officials looking to develop their skills and become stronger overall officials. These clinics combine classroom training with a heavy emphasis on repeated on-field observations for immediate, actionable feedback from the clinicians.

City State Dates Info Registration Link
Chicago IL October 7-8 Details Register
Santa Barbara CA October 15-16 Details Register
Houston TX December 2 Details Register


LEAD Level 3 clinics are designed for 3-person mechanics and more advanced levels of play. These clinics are for officials who have demonstrated strong ability in 2-person mechanics, and are ready to start officiating higher level games that require three officials and stronger game management skills. LEAD Level 3 clinics combine classroom training and challenging on-field observations that emphasize proper positioning and a focus on key areas of responsibility.

City State Dates Info Registration Link
Baltimore MD November 4-5 Details Register
Sacramento CA November 4-6 Details Register
Oceanside CA November 12-13 Details Register
Houston TX December 2-4 Details Register

Susie Ganzenmuller Observers Program Grant

Susie Ganzenmuller Grant

The purpose of this program is to emulate Susie Ganzenmuller’s passion and attitude toward officials’ on-field development through a grant to local boards to implement an observation program. The goal of this program is to develop officials, by utilizing on-field evaluations throughout the spring season. As such, observers will be trained to identify and communicate key areas for improvement in working officials, and follow up to see if these officials have implemented the suggestions into their games.

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US Lacrosse National Convention Scholarships

US Lacrosse Officials Education Department is once again providing scholarships to the 2016 National Convention. A total of $5,000 dollars is awarded to officials attending the US Lacrosse National Convention. The quantity and amount of scholarships is determined by super region.

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