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Thursday, October 04, 2012
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When Reid Evans launched the Arbiter assigning system for sports officials I became immediately interested in his undertaking. As the program was being transformed into an online platform it became very apparent that this new "architecture" would change the face of sports officiating as we know it. In fact, I so strongly believed in that inevitability that I tried to convince Reid to sell Arbiter to us and have it become part of the stable of services offered by Referee Enterprises. That did not work out but I can say without reservation that under the stewardship of the NCAA and the long-serving management of the company, Arbiter, now ArbiterSports, has become an integral part of the officiating industry. ArbiterSports in the person of Claire Roberts, has built bridges and forged relationships in all corners and at all levels of sports officiating. It is now part of the very fabric of the business of officiating. ArbiterSports has not only produced and delivered the preeminent assigning/payment platform for officials it has positioned itself as a true partner for many of us in officiating. "Partner" is not a word I use lightly. It is reserved for someone or some entity that shares and supports. Within the officiating world I think you will find that just a handful of names resonate far and wide in the most positive way. These names are perceived as industry leaders. Referee and NASO would be two, I say in pride. Two others would be Fox-40 and ArbiterSports. To be included in such elite company bespeaks your accomplishment.

Barry Mano, President


I want to share my appreciation for the good work of Arbiter with our membership. As you know, we serve our member state associations in every state and over 130,000 officials in our NFHS Officials' Association. Our partnership with Arbiter has significantly enhanced our services.

At our most recent staff meeting, new NFHS Director of Sports and Officials Education, Theresia Wynns related to our staff the quick response to a video posting problem by Arbiter to facilitate educational services to our members. It is this resolution of issues by you and your staff that have continued to attend to good relations. I just want you to know that we recognize and value very much your service and our relationship.

Permit me also to speak of our work together to utilize mobile applications for NFHS rules publications. While we are wary of this impact on our revenue and must continue to be watchful, it is clear that our new generation of coaches and officials are embracing this technology. We again respect your leadership and role in this evolving use of technology.

We have enjoyed the relationship with you personally and with your staff. We feel you are always responsive to our needs and concerns. We look forward to our continued efforts together to better serve our members and ultimately the 7 million plus young people who participate in high school sports in our nation.

Bob Gardner, Executive Director


Listening to the chronic complaints of our member school athletic administrators regarding the poor quality and support service for athletic department scheduling and management tools, the MHSAA saw an opportunity to develop new electronic tools tailored to Michigan’s needs, integrated with MHSAA policies and procedures and interfacing directly with MHSAA data, all of which would catapult – already the nation’s most visited state high school association website – to new levels of traffic and interaction with constituents of high school athletics in Michigan. This lead us to ArbiterSports who had proven itself by dominating the field of officials scheduling and management software and service; and the ArbiterSports staff have unreservedly thrown themselves into developing and delivering exactly what Michigan needs. The product, ArbiterGame, will prove to be the prototype for interscholastic athletic organizations across the country. The work is not done, nor do we believe it will ever be 100% completed if the product is to keep meeting the needs of our constituents. But all signs point to hitting the deliverables schedule with few delays and to handling customer questions both professionally and pleasantly. The ArbiterSports staff have been great to work with.”

Jack Roberts, Executive Director

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